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A Powerful Combination – SHRM-backed legislation provides paid leave and workplace flexibility guarantees

By Lisa Horn, March 2018

Nobody understands the pressures of modern life in the workplace better than human resource professionals. Not only do HR pros spend their workdays addressing the needs of employees who are trying to meet their many work and family obligations, they face those same challenges themselves.

The pressure to deliver at home and on the job has never been more intense. Moms and dads struggle to take care of sick children – or just pick them up from day care – while meeting the next project deadline. Experienced professionals balance company budgets while arranging for long-term care for aging parents. The list goes on.

Meanwhile, thanks to waves of new technology and innovation, the definitions surrounding where and how work gets done have been transformed. That woman on her laptop in the local coffee bar could be ‘pinning’ her favorite hike or completing a proposal to snare her next big client.

The pace of change and the pressures of modern life are accelerating, which is empowering and stressful at the same time. I’m a working mom, so I can certainly relate to the challenge of how to do it all.

Many HR pros reading this also know one of the reasons why workplace policies are especially frustrating is that American workplace laws are outdated, like the confusing patchwork of state and local paid sick leave laws. These laws make the world of work even tougher to navigate.

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