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Progressive Policy Institute Supports the Workflex in the 21st Century Act

To balance the demands of work, family, and the curveballs life throws at us, the Progressive
Policy Institute (PPI) has long supported flexible work arrangements for workers, including paid
parental, family, and medical leave, flex-time and telecommuting.

Not only do such arrangements help workers balance work and family, they are also good for
companies. Today’s knowledge economy puts a premium on flexible and collaborative
workplaces in which workers and employers work together to innovate, boost productivity,
respond to rapid market shifts and keep themselves on the leading edge of global

U.S. public policy should promote such flexibility and collaboration. After all, our country faces
an unprecedented economic challenge from China’s model of authoritarian, state-directed
capitalism. We should fight back with a more democratic capitalism that stimulates economic
growth as it empowers U.S. workers. We need legislation that is both pro-worker and proemployer,
and PPI believes that H.R. 4219, the Workforce in the 21st Century Act, meets this
crucial test.

The legislation grants both part-time and full-time employees the paid leave and workflex
benefits they need, like compressed and predictable work scheduling and telework, while
providing employers with the flexibility they need to administer these benefits. For employers
looking to attract a talented workforce, the legislation creates a voluntary program of
compensable leave based on employment size and the amount of time an employee has spent
with the company.

Full letter of support can be read here.